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NAYADA partitions and doors in the sales office of the Match Point Residential Complex

19 / 04 / 2016

The NAYADA Company has created the sales office of the Match Point Residential Complex. Architect of the project was the UNK project Architectural Bureau. The Match Point is a new mixed-use complex with apartments and a volleyball sports arena. The sales office was implemented as an exhibition space, which will show the full-size versions of the interior decorations, from which the buyers can choose for their future apartments. Each buyer can select from one of the four types of finishes and then receive a fully finished apartment, instead of bare concrete walls.

By giving such a vivid name to this residential complex, the developers tried to highlight the possibilities of the youthful, active and free way of life that it provides, which of course, is also reflected in the design of the sales office. The team of architects managed to overcome the common laconic office styles by using bright accents when it came to decorating the floors, and gave it a dynamic feel, thanks to unusual and memorable art-designs.

The office part was created as a single bright space with negotiation and sales areas, which may be partially or completely isolated. The negotiation zone features NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions and doors with black decorative trim profiles. The door hardware is also pained in the same color as the trim profiles. Several NAYADA door systems were used in this project – sliding doors, NAYADA-Stels with hidden mounting hardware, and glass doors.

All zones that do not require natural lighting were “pushed” inside the building. NAYADA glass partitions were used to the maximum to separate the enclosed premises. Thanks to wise volume planning, the office is arranged in such a way as to allow sunlight to reach the farthest corners, and the entire premises are perceived as a single space.

The entrance zone has fire-resistant partitions and NAYADA-Fireproof-EIW 60 double doors, which can block the penetration of fire for over an hour.

“First of all, we wanted to create a non-standard sales office. We tried to recreate the very atmosphere of this residential complex, so that people would immediately feel like being at home in their own apartment and yard, as well as the entire general idea that a residential complex presents to its potential residents. Our sales office was created for people with active lifestyles, hence the presence of bicycles, mobiles, impulse negotiating rooms, and a children’s area. Thanks to all this, we obtained an informal, very open and friendly environment,”says Yulia Tryaskina, co-founder and chief architect of the UNK project Architectural Bureau.