NAYADA partitions on the Moscow Architectural Exhibition

23 / 05 / 2006

Moscow Architectural Exhibition

NAYADA company will take part in the Moscow Architectural Exhibition, which is held from 31.05 to 04.06 in the Central Artist House on Krimsky Val.

Traditionally this event is very popular among the architects of various professional levels due to the exhibition format.

The exhibitors not just create interesting and remarkable expositions but also try to look at the most common objects from a new point of view and communicate with such creative people as architects and designers in their language.

NAYADA Company won’t be an exception this year. We will not just demonstrate our partition systems, but try to turn the process of communication with the visitors in a game. The field of NAYADA partitions application is very vast: form offices of different class and purpose to shopping areas.

That is why we have shown our partitions plenty of times trying to re-create the interiors of various purpose depending on the subject of the exhibition.

For the Moscow Architectural Exhibition we will use a different approach: on the second floor of the Central Artist House there will be a stand 10-15 built as “Nayada Labyrinth”. On their way through this labyrinth visitors will get an opportunity to immerse themselves in the unconstrained atmosphere and get acquainted with NAYADA partitions thus combining pleasant and useful experience.

We expect that the special interest of the visitors will be drawn to our new models: a new modification of fireproof partitions NAYADA-Fireproof, a renovated system of whole glass partitions NAYADA-Crystal, as well as already well-known operable whole glass partitions NAYADA-Hufcor G3000.

Exhibition Working Hours:
31.05.06, 16.00 –opening
1.06.06-4.06.06, 11.00 – 19.00 – working hurs

Stand NAYADA: 2nd floor, stand 10-5