06 / 03 / 2017

The NAYADA Company has successfully passed its re-certification audit for quality, and received another quality certificate ISO 9001:2015 – an internationalPhoto NAYADA receives quality conformity certificate ISO 9001:2015

independent certification of quality and compliance with international requirements. This certificate confirms that the quality management system at NAYADA,

in relation to work on the design, sale and installation of partitions, is in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

The first time that NAYADA Company's quality management system was recognized as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 was in March 2005.

The Certificate ISO 9001:2015 confirms that the enterprise is functioning in accordance with a uniform quality management system (QMS), which is aimed at improving the quality of products, through the effective management of all processes of the company, coordinating the activities of all divisions of the company, without exception, and each of its employees.

NAYADA continuously works on improving customer service levels. Our quality control department monitors compliance with procedures and processes, in order to achieve the desired results in terms of quality, to improve them, and seeking to always achieved better results than were planned. For this purpose, they carry out systematic analysis of the achieved results, identify possible reasons for discrepancies, and work on preventing them from occurring.

Сертификат ISO 9001:2015
Сертификат ISO 9001:2015
Сертификат ISO 9001:2015
Сертификат ISO 9001:2015

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