NAYADA presented a new project «12 Architects…»

24 / 04 / 2012
Photo NAYADA presented a new project «12 Architects…»

The main office of NAYADA group of companies held a press conference dedicated to the presentation of a new unique architectural project “12 Architects. «Offices» Project. Part One: Russian Architects». The following famous architects known both in Russia and abroad told about the essence of this project:

  • Sergey Choban — the chief of SPEECH Choban & Kuznetsov architectural bureau,
  • Sergey Kuznetsov – the leading partner of SPEECH Choban & Kuznetsov architectural bureau,
  • Boris Levyant — geeral manager of ABD architects architectural bureau,
  • Vladimir Kuzmin — the chief of Pole-Disain studio,
  • Evgeny Polyantsev — the chief of Meral-Studiya,
  • Sergey Estrin – the chief of Architectural Workshop of Sergey Estrin,
  • Dmitry Cherepkov — the president of NAYADA group of companies.

One more participant of the project, Totan Kuzembayev could not attend the event.

The press-conference was opened by Dmitry Cherepkov, NAYADA president, who also presented the project: “ The project started three months ago. Back at that time we offered the architects who gathered here to create furniture for management in their own personal style and aesthetics. The essence of cooperation is as follows: they create, we produce and promote these products under our trademark LEPOTA. The project has several conceptual layers, the main one being the change in perception of Russia and Russian producers”.

Photo NAYADA presented a new project «12 Architects…»

Prototypes of all offices will be presented in late May at the ArkhMoscow 2012 held during the International Architectural biennale. NAYADA is planing to demonstrate the first accomplished projects of architects at the next International Furniture Show in 2013 and other European and Russian exhibitions.

According to Sergey Choban, “The best way to announce Russian architecture on the international market is to implement an object, including furniture items. I believe that Russian architects have a great creative potential, which will be (we all hope) unlocked thanks to NAYADA, which take an active part in the process of creating furniture”.

Evgeny Polyantsev pointed out that it is Russia where the international professional community is looking forward to new ideas from. “It is in our character that when all the rational ideas are exhausted, we come up with something irrational, but simple and worth attention”.

Photo NAYADA presented a new project «12 Architects…»

Vladimir Kuzmin said: “We have a lot of designers, but we don't have design because no one needs it. But NAYADA is able to change this situation. The more Russian companies support this practice, the faster our school of design will develop to be able to compete with western schools”.

Photo NAYADA presented a new project «12 Architects…»

“12 Architects project…”, according to Sergei Kuznetsov promotes both, design and culture development. “By creating the environment we form people's cultural level. That is why even furniture can help a person to conceive beauty from an early age”. Boris Levyant agreed with this idea by saying that design is one of the components and motive forces of industrial development. “5-6 years ago equipment and automobiles produced in Korea didn't get much attention from consumers. Today we see the results of effort of professional community aimed at consumer design.”

Photo NAYADA presented a new project «12 Architects…»

“12 Architects …” project will be carried out in several steps and involve new architects, including specialists from abroad. One of the future participants Sergei Estrin noted the participation of architects in the process of design creation. “It is great that architects were invited. Architects and designers have different approach, vision and perception …”.

Photo NAYADA presented a new project «12 Architects…»

After the conference the guests of NAYDA (managers, executives of the leading architectural bureaus and general contractors, principal architects, mass media representatives, etc.) had a chance to discuss it in a friendly atmosphere.

NAYADA company will continue informing about «12 Architects. “Offices” project. Part one: Russian architects” project development.

Photo NAYADA presented a new project «12 Architects…»