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NAYADA took part in the historical reconstruction of the Central Children’s Store

01 / 06 / 2015

The Central Children’s Store (CCS) in Moscow – the former Children’s World - was opened after seven years of reconstruction. In the renovated building, which customers of different generations will remember as the Central Children’s World, they recreated all the historical interiors and the layout that existed back in 1957. In addition, the store now has a Museum of Childhood, a light show, dedicated to the history and nature of Russia, stained glass windows using motifs from Russian fairy tales. Each floor of the shopping center has an interactive area with educational and developmental programs. More than 50,000 people come to shop here every day.

The experts were set a task not just to recreate the sights, and recreate the “temple of childhood”. The interiors were completed by Mosproekt-2, with participation of the UNK Project Architectural Bureau. The NAYADA Company took part in this great project involving the reconstruction of the main store of childhood. NAYADA carried out a whole range of works on the fencing and walls – from the manufacturing and installation, to wiring and connection of lighting.

More than 100 stores selling children’s goods opened on the seven floors of the CCS building. These include clothing, toys and art supplies – Petit Bateau, Brums, KANZ and KANZ shoes, Congitos, Monsieur Bashmakov, Abbika, Castel, The Necessary Little Things, Andrea Montelpare, Vangold for Disney, Minimen, Chobi, Reima, The Magic of Childhood, MiniMaxi shoes, Orsetto, Bear Ricci, Beba Kids, Acoola, Orby, Gulliver, Jacote, Sanetta, Gioia di Mama, Chersa Sport, Little Lady, and Infanzia. There is the pharmacy Country of Childhood, and products for moms – I will be a Mom, Soon to be Mom, Bliss, and art supplies by the Wanderers, the supermarket Alphabet of Taste, 13 restaurants, and many, many others. The display windows of the stores are created using NAYADA partitions.

One of the most time-consuming tasks of the project – was the glazing of display-case windows on the six floors of the building using NAYADA-Crystal all-glass partitions and doors. For these, NAYADA manufactured and installed more than 5,000 square meters of partitions! To give extra rigidity to the glass display-case windows, special connectors were used between the glass panes. The display-case windows of the H&M store are decorated with NAYADA-Hufcor sliding glass partitions.

The glass atrium railings are made using the NAYADA-Parapetto system. The total length of installed fencing is about 600 meters! The atrium fencing is made of tempered triplex. A unique solution became the branded ornamental lighting on the glass, bearing the logo of the Central Children’s Store.

All fencing has controlled backlighting of the glass – this solution was implemented for the first time in Moscow! The entire perimeter, the top and bottom, has concealed lighting. Using special LED strips, the backlighting of the glass can be changed to any color in the gamut. The light is delayed at the sites with patterns, thus making these patterns glow. The illumination is connected to a complex control network that is managed via the main control panel. Thus, all kinds of scenarios can be created using the backlighting of the glass fencing.

NAYADA-Parapetto fencing systems are installed in the elevator and escalator areas on all floors.

The Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin congratulated young buyers with their holiday, and thanked all those who participated in the reconstruction of the Central Children’s Store: “It is remarkable that this is not just a store, but also a place of rest for children and parents, starting from the children’s space center to the amazing museum of toys – a unique museum hosting a collection of toys, used by our fathers and grandfathers. This is a great story, you did a great thing. I would like to thank all of you – the renovators, builders, and investors. Thank you very much!”

History note:The Children’s World Department Store on Lubyanka Square in Moscow was built in 1957 by the architect Alexey Dushkin. In 1992, the Children’s World was privatized. In 2005, the building received the status of a cultural heritage object of regional significance. On July 1, 2008, the shopping center was closed for renovation.