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NAYADA worked on the creation of the largest Russian Arts Palace – the Oilman in Surgut

31 / 10 / 2016

The NAYADA Company took part in the creation of a new building for Surgutneftegas OJSC – the Oilman Arts Palace, the most powerful cultural and educational platform in ​​Surgut and the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. This unique building took about 5 years to construct, and is not inferior to the famous Bolshoi and Mariinsky Theaters. The Oilman was designed by the Serbian architect Slobodan Drinyakovich. The decorations are the work of the Italian designer Lucio Micheletti. The building area is about 50,000 square meters, with a surrounding area of over 70,000 square meters. For this project, the NAYADA Company provided all the furniture solutions.

This building, which has no analogues in the country, has five concert halls, the largest of which can accommodate 1,200 spectators, who will be treated to great performances on a rotatable stage and up to 60 musicians in the orchestra pit. There are also many multi-purpose rooms – the total area of ​​the palace is 50,000 square meters, the palace height is comparable to a 12-story building.

The Oilman Culture Palace has been conceived as a multi-purpose building, a place to hold a variety of cultural events, the main place to introduce the arts to the residents of Surgut – the dynamically developing Oil Capital of Russia. The concept is based on the theme of an old Roman Forum – the center of social life, which brings together all citizens. Since winter reigns for most of the year in Surgut, the space of this “Forum” was moved inside the building. The stage, located in the center, is surrounded by all the relevant elements of the complex: the auditorium and rehearsal rooms, music and dance club, ballroom, etc. The mechanics of the stage allows for flexible transformation of the basic premises of the complex – the separate useof all functional areas or their merger into a single space for large events.

Basing on the architectural design project, NAYADA experts selected a number of furniture solutions for the public and VIP zones.

In the public zones, NAYADA equipped the conference room, supplying armchairs in natural leather from the Italian ESTEL Factory.


To create the manager’s office, meeting room and recreational space, NAYADA used veneered furniture from the Italian ULTOM Factory, as well as armchairs and soft furniture in natural leather from the Italian Luxy Factory.

Furniture for the reception hall was made of veneer by special order from the Italian ARCHIUTTI Factory, and chairs and upholstered furniture in natural leather were manufactured by the Italian Luxy Factory.