NAYADA's Birthday.

09 / 08 / 2007

The 9th of August is a special day for NAYADA. Today we celebrate our 12th anniversary. For every Russian producer, which began its formation during a hard period for domestic economy, crossing a 10—year barrier is a mark of stability and reliability. The motto of our company has always been "Create!". Create the most up to date, beautiful, functional partition systems and office interiors of the highest level of quality; to create space filled with joy, life and imagination. In NAYADA we like to create new unconventional solutions. Perhaps, that is why our company has been the leader of the Russian market for a long time.

NAYADA was the first to present mobile and sliding partition systems on the Russian market. We’ve noticed that the customers are interested in new technologies and innovations, thus NAYADA offered another new product – partition system finished with finewood veneer.

Today NAYADA offers a wide selection of variations of organizing office spaces and trading centers areas using more than 15 partition systems, exclusive door panels, doors, sanitary cabins and reception units.

In its aspiration to create NAYADA together with Russian Architects’ Association for the first time organized an International competition for architects and designers "Office Space: creativity, technologies, innovations". the main objective of this competition is to generate new interesting ideas and solutions, as well as to help amateurs to realize their projects.

NAYADA performs active work not only in Moscow, but also in the regions. Today NAYADA offices are located in 18 cities of the Russian Federation, CIS and EU. NAYADA realizes around 5000 projects annually.

Celebrating the company anniversary and enjoying ourselves, we nevertheless don’t forget that we owe the bigger part of our success to our clients and partners, many of which became our friends.

We thank those who have been working with us all these years!