NAYADA's doors and partitions in the office of Sumitomo Corporation

21 / 10 / 2010
Перегородки и двери NAYADA в офисе компании Сумитомо корпорейшен

NAYADA has finished works on decorating space of the Russian office of the largest Japanese company Sumitomo Corporation, which history accounts for more than 300 years. Company's developed network includes 786 representative offices around the world. Key companies of the Sumitomo Corporation have a 300 year-old history.

Company's activities envelops the following sectors: production, resource development, construction, electronics, power machinery, agricultural commodity, marine products, chemicals, and textiles. Sumitomo Corporation has been working on the Russian market for more than 40 years. NAYADA was chosen to be a contractor of constructing the Moscow representative office.