NAYADA’s new “Extra Urgent Orders” service

10 / 02 / 2014

The NAYADA Company has launched a new "Extra Urgent Orders" service.The implementation of the most unusual ideas, the implementation of projects of any size and complexity, the creation of projects on a "turnkey" basis — the opportunity to execute orders inan extremely short time has been added to these advantages.

Now, NAYADA’s customers have an opportunity to get their orders within 5 business days!

NAYADA has successfully executed orders in short timesbefore this. As a rule, such orders were associated with large-scale events, opening of important objects or arrival of very important persons. Unlike individual urgent tasks, the «Extra Urgent Orders» project is a streamlined business process that can qualitatively execute a stream of express orders.

This offer is valid for standard profile of partitions, panels, furniture and glass (raw or tempered, 6 and 10 mm). The distanceof the object from the Moscow Ring Road should not exceed 10 km. The installation work is carried out in the daytime.

The first «extra urgent order» was successfully executedinjust two days in December 2013. One day after the order was placed, NAYADA’s specialists mounted the profiles and ordered glass. In the evening, the glass was delivered and installed on the site.

Currently, NAYADA regularly executes such orders and plans to further develop this service.

Photo NAYADA’s new “Extra Urgent Orders” service