NAYADA’S new manufacturing equipment by Morbidelli: 3D-woodworking.

08 / 05 / 2013

NAYADA, Russia’s largest designer and manufacturer of office partitions, doors and office furniture, has expanded its manufacturing base with new equipment by Morbidelli. The new equipment was delivered to the furniture shop of the LEPOTA Design Furniture Factory. This new high-tech machine has already been mastered by the company’s specialists — and has proven itself perfectly, bringing new prospects to the company. It provides an opportunity to significantly reduce production times, increase output, improve quality, and minimize industrial wastes.

The multipurpose machining center MORBIDELL UNIV X5 HPE provides complex, computerized processing of wood and materials having similar physical properties. It has made possible simultaneous multi-dimensional processing. Only four such machines are used in Russia today. The specificity of this technical innovation is the ability to mill articles of complex geometrical shapes (3D) with the help of software. The equipment also allows making through and blind holes with split-hair accuracy and high speed. The new machine is controlled by a computer or with a stationary and mobile console.

«The use of MORBIDELL UNIV X5 HPE offers additional opportunities in the manufacture of furniture. This is important, because the LEPOTA Factory is specializes in the creation of very special design furniture that requires careful, precise and fine processing of articles. In addition, during the manufacturing of NAYADA furniture, needs may arise to create solid objects of complex geometric shapes. It is here that this machine can prove very useful,» says Andrey Sharapov, head of the furniture sector of NAYADA. «Now we can machine any 3D wooden part with fine detail.»

The new equipment has already managed to demonstrate its capabilities in the implementation of NAYADA projects and preparation of executive offices for the «12 Architects. Offices» project. For example, the multipurpose machining center by Morbidelli was used to create a table by ABD Architectural Studios, designed by Boris Levyant and Irina Prisedskaya within the «12 architects. Offices» project. The non-standard tabletop with a flexible edge was made possible thanks to the MORBIDELLI UNIV X5 HPE and cutting of the panel at a specific angle. It is an arc of a large radius with a smooth slope towards the person’s body, which creates maximum comfort in the contact area.

Photo NAYADA’S new manufacturing equipment by Morbidelli: 3D-woodworking.

Photo NAYADA’S new manufacturing equipment by Morbidelli: 3D-woodworking.

Another idea, which cannot be done on a conventional machine, was realized in the design of the Moscow offices of S.T.I. Dent, a reputable supplier of dental products. This project was realized in cooperation with the TopDom Architecture, Construction, and Comfort Design Bureau. One of the key ideas of the facing was an element called the «wave», which was implemented in the design of panels and decorative furniture. NAYADA technicians proposed this interpretation of the «waves» to be done in veneer, with the use of the new materials processing technologies.