NAYADA sets new height record

06 / 11 / 2012

Huawei Technologies, the world leader in new generation telecommunication networks shipments, provides services for 36 out of 50 leading global providers together with 1 billion users around the world. The company known for its network solutions is a long-term partner of NAYADA. Cooperation of two leaders was supported by a complex project on improving office space.

Huawei Technologies includes 10 regional offices. One of them was located in Russian business park Krylatskiye Holmy for a long period of time. A special feature of the office space on the territory of the business park are unusually high ceilings, which are 7 meters high. At first, there was an order for standard Rauman partitions (2,6 meters high) for creating 3 negotiations rooms. Eventually the customer realized that they were not high enough to provide the required level of sound insulation, and Huawei Technologies ordered an additional structure. It’s worth mentioning that 7 meters is a critical height for such glass construction, that is why NAYADA specialists had to design a special constructive solution with the use of metal-clad shaped pipes. This construction became the highest one and beat the previous record by 0,5 meters.

The works were accomplished in 15 days. This project on renovation of the meeting room, executed in the form of a subway train, was distinguished for its quality, professionalism and efficiency. Today the customer is negotiating about the decoration of the rest two meeting rooms of the office.

Photo NAYADA sets new height record