NAYADA to architects: the All Clear (Vse Yasno) nomination, designing structures for the Ecopark, and Green Architectur

04 / 04 / 2016

The NAYADA Company invites architects and architectural teams to take part in a special nomination – the “All Clear!” at the national awards in the sphere of green architecture and green construction – the Eco-Tektonika 2016. On May 25, we will announce the Top-10 winning projects, the authors of which will then be invited to realize their designs in the Yasno PoleEcopark, within the framework of the Green Architecture Summer School, to be held from June 27 to July 1.

The Yasno Pole Ecopark also invites architects and architectural teams to participate in the design of structures, by publishing on the relevant lists of objects for design.

Photo NAYADA to architects: the All Clear (Vse Yasno) nomination, designing structures for the Ecopark, and Green Architectur

emphasizes the relevance of the evolution of the concept of sustainable development, and contributes to its creative comprehension. As part of this nomination, contestants are encouraged to develop designs of environmental installations, literally or conceptually expressing the idea of transforming the model of consumer behavior (or consumption) of people, and forming their environment, taking into consideration the basic aspects of sustainable development (SD):

· Minimize the waste created from human activities, including reuse and recycling;

· Saving of natural resources, including water, etc.;

· Revitalization of facilities / environment, “a new life – a new feature”;

· Combining functions, joint use / “sharing”, exchanging;

· Conservation of resources, materials, landscape, environment;

· Consumption ecologies, behavior – use.

Read more about the concepts and fundamental aspects of sustainable development

Applications for participation in the “All Clear!” Nomination should be sent to the general e-mail of the awards – and writing in the subject field: “All Clear! special-nomination”.

The curator of this nomination is the head of the Pole-Design Architectural BureauVladimir Kuzmin.

We welcome project proposals that contain:

1. Clarity of design statements and principled feasibility;

2. Combine the meaningful and symbolic with the concrete and functional;

3. Conceptual implementation, design movement in conjunction with the specific environmental functionality - “from / to Area”;

4. Teaching nature* of the created spaces / facilities / fragments of the environment.

* The teaching nature of an installation involves its subsequent use during the holding of the Green Architecture Summer School as full-scale “benefits” in their respective aspects of DS.

Project proposals can be developed by individual authors or groups of authors.

From the authors or groups of authors we require (!):

The willingness of the applicant, in case of being declared a winner, to come to the Yasno Pole Ecopark with his/her support team, and within 5 days to implement own life-size installation project.

Requirements for applications:

Project proposals should be submitted by their authors as a pdf-presentations containing:

— A brief presentation (introduction) of the group of authors;

— A detailed description of the author’s conceptual ideas for the proposed installation / object and necessary design solutions for its implementation;

— General views of the installation / object in the environment (landscape) in 3D visualization, graphic submissions or layout photographs;

— Basic projection (plan, elevations, sections) with dimensions and comments;

— Constructive solution schematic of the installation unit / object;

— A bill of materials showing the required quantities.

Photo NAYADA to architects: the All Clear (Vse Yasno) nomination, designing structures for the Ecopark, and Green Architectur />

The Green Architecture Summer School will be held in the green area of the event, and the construction of installations will take place on July 26 (Sunday) from 10:00 to 18:00. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to the place of the event. The organizers of the event may provide free transportation from the nearest train station in the town of Kashira, and back to this station after the event ends.

From June 26 to July 3, the winners shall be provided, free of charge,with:

* Accommodation in the campground;

* Three meals per day;

* Daily participation in the educational program on ecological architecture and construction;

* Material for the construction of their installations: timber (no more than 1 cubic meter), birch poles of sanitary cutting from the territory of the Ecopark in the required amounts, and the basic tools.**

* Prepared construction site with area of 6 x 6 square meters.

** The basic set of tools includes (to be confirmed): hammers, saws, axes, hardware, shovels, and rags. All special tools, materials, equipment, etc., necessary to create specific installations, the winning teams must provide on their own.

For those so wishing, paid participation is possible in the Green Architecture Summer School. Participants can pay for both accommodation and meals, or only for the educational part of the program. Applications for paid participation in the Green Architecture Summer School should be sent via e-mail to the address – welcome@green-agency.ruand writing in the subject field: “Eco_LAB School”.

Dates and times of events:

June 27 (Monday) to July 01 (Friday) – 5 days

Check in: June 26 (Sunday)

Participation in the All-Russia festival of green architecture and ecological lifestyle – the Eco-Tektonika, July 2-3

Departure July 03 (Sunday)

Daily schedule

09:00 - 10:00 – breakfast

10:00 - 14:00 – construction of projects and installations

14:00 - 15:00 – lunch

15:00 - 19:00 – educational activities

19:00 - 20:00 – dinner

20:00 – free time and evening entertainment.

Eco_LAB structure of the educational program:

1. Block session “NEW REALITY”: lecture part will focus on the concept of sustainable development and the post-industrial society (NAUR). It is aimed at achieving a systemic view of the processes occurring today, involving the transition of humankind from the industrial to the post-industrial age, and global challenges that our civilization will face in the 21st century. As a possible response to these challenges, discussed in detail will be the concept of sustainable development, the process of greening of the world economy, and the impact of these trends on the fundamental restructuring of the entire construction industry.

2. Block-session “DIALOGUE WITH THE LEADERS”: a master class held by some of the leading green architects of Russia. It is aimed at deepening the individual’s understanding of how the transition to an ecological paradigm affects the architectural business. What are the risks and what are the new business opportunities that are opening up, as well as how to take maximum advantage of them during the birth of a new market. This session is conducted in the format of a master class and active dialogue with one of the Russian leaders in eco-architecture, who were the first to use the green trend as a business model, and to date have completed projects in this segment, with these cases also being presented as part of the teaching program.

3. Block session “ENVIRONMENTAL INNOVATION”: events of various formats for the development of specific solutions and green technologies. This session is aimed at the practical development of specific green materials and technologies available today for use in Russia. This unit is very important for architects and designers, because an indispensable foundation for the competitiveness of any modern specialist – is the knowledge of innovative materials and technologies, most of which are quite difficult to understand and grasp, and which are being developed ever more rapidly today. A detailed program of events will be posted in the public domain starting on April 20, 2016.

Certificate of Training Completion

At the end of the program, participants will receive an official Certificate of Training Completions from the organizer of the program.

Applications are being accepted via e-mail at and writing in the subject field: “Eco-Tektonika Awards 2016”. All questions regarding participation and the holding of the awards can be asked by calling +7 (977) 372-1586, +7 (495) 790-9957. Project Manager – Ekaterina Stepanova. Head of Project: Svetlana Duving –