NAYADA to increase the number of jurors.

13 / 11 / 2007

NAYADA Company announced the beginning of the 3rd International competition for architects and designers "Office Space: creativity, technologies, innovations". According to the organizers, the framework of the competition including nominations and participant categories remained the same. The jurors accept projects in three nominations: Archimplementation, Archsolution and Archpartition. Among the participants are project organizations, architectural studios, professional architects and constructors as well as students from higher architectural educational institutions.

The only change was made in the panel of judges. According to the marketing director of NAYADA Company Anna Kuznetsova, «considering that students take an active part in the Archcompetition, this year we decided to expand the panel of judges by means of including lecturers from professional educational institutions. This year professor and the dean of Moscow Architectural Institute Breslavtsev Oleg Deamidovich will be among the jurors».

However, including teachers in the panel of judges is not the only innovation of the competition. The panel of judges will also include the representatives of the major building and development companies. All the jurors are professionals having a great influence on real estate market. The embers of the panel of jurors of the 3rd International Competition "Office Space: creativity, technologies, innovations" is for now kept in secret.