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NAYADA installs 11-meter windows in the Metropolis-2 SEC

26 / 09 / 2016

The NAYADA Company took part in the project involving the construction of the second phase of the Metropolis SEC by implementing a complex solution – the creation of 11-meter glass facade windows for the stores. The investor-developer is the Capital Partners Company. Co-exclusive consultants for leasing the project are the companies Cushman & Wakefield and Knight Frank.

The architecture of the second phase of the complex blends in harmoniously with the existing structures, with the new solutions advantageously complementing the shopping center. The all-glass roof allows natural light to illuminate the store windows and the central atrium; the wide hallways provide visibility of all the shops, while the two-story storefront solutions on the third level, based on the designs of the architects, contribute to a positive perception of the shopping center as a whole.

Modern shopping centers are increasingly using the new high-window format. Thus, for the Columbus SEC project, the NAYADA Company created window facades with a height of 7.5 meters for the stores, which allows tenants to create two-level shops with panoramic windows. For the Metropolis-2 SEC, NAYADA implemented two showcase windows with heights of 11 meters!

During the development of such glass display cases, we had to take into account the complex configuration of the openings. The thermal expansion of glass and steel differ from each other, and too rigid a fixation can break the glass sheets. Therefore, spiders are used with special elements; the spider and carrying rack constructions were designed so as to allow for thermal expansion of the glass within the metal frames.

Structurally, each showcase window is an 11-meter glass with spider systems and supporting steel structures. Large-format transparent tempered glass with a special breakdown was used for this project. The dimensions of glass, for example, are 4,477 cm x 1,800 cm!

The main complexity of this project was associated with the development of support structures for the visible pipes. The difficult part was the behind-the-ceiling space, for which NAYADA experts came up with a binding arch girder truss for the upper assembly, and a support surface for the bottom mounting of the pipe.

To attach the spiders,stainless steel tubes, 130 mm in diameter, were used. These were attached with the help of a specially developed system of supporting structures. Each showcase windows has six pipes.