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Custom integrated solutions: NAYADA products in a private music club

01 / 03 / 2016

NAYADA helped bring to life the interior designs of architects P.A. Kharlamov and V.V. Skrypnyk, developed for a private music club. This project was implemented in an extremely short period of time – only one month. For this project, NAYADA created almost all of the complex custom-built products – from the furniture and fancy patterns on the walls, to the acoustic panels on the ceiling.

As the basis for the concept of the interior, architects used the Jazz musical style – a symbiosis of African and European cultures. The interior elements contain stylized carved panels, while the ceiling is covered with ethnic graphic drawings. To give the interior a dynamic feeling, a combination of divergent straight lines, curvilinear graphic patterns, and specially selected rosewood veneer at angles were used. All materials incorporated into the project, in one way or another, emphasize the connection between the two cultures. For this project, NAYADA used fireproof veneer solutions – for the doors as well as for the carved ceilings.

The original objective of the project was to create a small private concert hall with a karaoke club. One of the wishes of the customer – was to create space with good acoustics. NAYADA specialists first carried out acoustic calculations, taking into account the selected musical equipment, and based on these, installed the appropriate acoustic panels in the hall. The problem here was that the room had a mostly rectangular shape, which adversely affected acoustics. To solve this problem, NAYADA suggested the installation of acoustic ceiling panels on 25% of the ceiling. Thus, thanks to the use of these acoustic ceiling panels, the even dispersion of sound was achieved. Finishing used on the acoustic panels was done in the overall style of the interior.

The floor and walls are made from tropical rosewood trees. The veneered doors, with African ornaments, are almost three meters tall, which visually increases the height of the interior of the premises. On the main wall and ceiling, we applied West African cave paintings, which are recessed into the wall, made of rosewood veneer, and the ceiling with coffee-bean shagreen coloring. The main wall and ceiling are linked together via rectilinear fractures.

A special feature of the hall is a large U-shaped sofa in front of the stage, custom made by the NAYADA Interior Solutions Department. The central element is the stage made of soft leather panels, and decorative stitching in a baguette frame.

Furniture in the bar and DJ’s station was custom-made at the LEPOTA Design Furniture Factory. To give greater individuality and comfortable feelings to the hall, the architects used frameless Smartballs furniture, covered with ethnic ornaments, and placed on the floor animal hides, and a carpet looking like the skin of a zebra.

«According to the German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling – architecture is frozen music. We believe that this project was implemented in full reflection of these words,” says project architect Peter Kharlamov, “In the process of implementation of this project, we were faced with only one problem – the extremely tight deadline. However, thanks to the well-developed technological processes, as well as the highest level of professionalism of the contractors, in particular the employees of NAYADA, it was possible to deliver this object on the target date».