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New approach to working on specialized office spaces: NAYADA created a new office for the Bettex Company

13 / 11 / 2014

NAYADA glass partitions and doors were used to create the Bettex Company’s office in Rostov-on-Don. Bettex is a manufacturer of paving slabs and concrete products, and so the office interiors, designed by architect Dmitry Lobanov, were given a modern and urban look. This office is simultaneously a working area and a showroom. In the interior, an organic geometric design unity was achieved using various shapes and materials.

The NAYADA Reception desk, with cold-colors backlighting, is located at the entrance, and was custom-designed by the architect.

Immediately behind the reception desk is the personal office of the head of sales, while in the center, there is a showroom with product samples. From one side the showroom is open to visitors and potential clients, and on the other side, this space is divided into a separate segment. Combining light and glass surfaces, together with the lighting of each fragment of covering, provides the best background for the viewing of product samples. In the new showroom, the visitor can view fragments of covering, which are separated by green “shrubs” into ensure the best perception.

Project architect Dmitry Lobanov, taking into account all the features of the premises, decided to use NAYADA-Hufcor all-glass sliding partitions in the interior of the office. Glass constructions are used to zone the entire space, and allow unhindered viewing of showroom samples. Within minutes, the great hall can be turned into separate translucent premises.

The sales manager’s personal office is zoned off using NAYADA-Crystal all-glass partitions. These glass partitions enable visually expanding the space of the premises, thus making it more open and bright.

Personal offices of employees are located opposite the showroom and are furnished with NAYADA laminated doors with telescopic boxes. These doors harmoniously combine with glass partitions and echo the general decoration of the office, giving it a finished appearance.

“Working on any interior involves paying attention to all fine details at every stage. Anyone, especially the customer, entering an interior, immediately notices the little things that speak volumes about the quality of the work. Professionalism consists in achieving the perfect execution of all details – as they were conceived during development of the concept. Our customer sees this every day as he works in this interior, and remains happy with it to this day. Personal satisfaction in my work comes from seeing the customer’s desire to continue working with me on the subsequent stages,”says Dmitry Lobanov, project architect.

The office of Bettex Company is a vivid example that NAYADA products provide sufficiently efficient and cost-effective solutions for the organization of office space for companies of any level.