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New office of the NAYADA Company has been nominated for the Best Office Awards 2015

19 / 03 / 2015

The new office of the NAYADA Company has been nominated for the annual international award in the field of office interior design – the Best Office Awards 2015. For our additional office, we ourselves developed the concept, designed it and supplied all the furniture and finishing. To vote for this project, please visit the Office Next website.

Geographically, all NAYADA divisions, apart from the production and logistics complex in Domodedovo, are concentrated in one building – the Riverside Station Business Center. Our new office is mainly engaged in developing the design and engineering strengths of the company, and thus, its interior reflects the latest developments and products.

The main task for the additional office was – in the shortest possible time, to design a modern and comfortable open space, simultaneously fulfilling the roles of a working premises and a showroom. It was especially important to show the maximum number of possibilities and solutions being implemented by the company, in a limited area. Therefore, literally every inch of space serves a double function.

In creating an additional office in a unified style with an adjacent one, a bit of chaos was added to the premises. In moderate and accurate amounts, this chaos animates the space, and as a result, the atmosphere in the office.

The central part of the office occupies a spectacular two-story premises, where the top level is occupied by the IT-department and the private office of its manager, and the lower level – the meeting rooms’ zone. Moreover, both sides of the upper level are somewhat shifted towards the lower one, which provides a special dynamics to the entire premises, and, on the whole , provides the impression of more dynamic and diverse space. Engineers and designers occupy the open space, organized around a central core around the entire perimeter of the office.

All that can be seen in the office – walls, doors, furniture, including the original reception desk with the lighted decor, variety of accessories / smartballs, Hedronics chairs and Forest shelves – are products made by NAYADA.

Employees whose work requires considerable stay in the office, and who do not have dedicated locations (coming to work in the office from a production facility) can work at the Clouds workstations. The mobile dividing screens can be easily rearranged to different positions or removed, thus creating space for individual and/or team work. Flexible and smooth lines make this space feel softer and freer.

In the office, one can go for a short break and sip a cup of coffee or have a talk, while sitting at special coffee points, whose high stools are not comfortable for long stays, and thus the person remains in the working frame of mind.

Executive offices are equipped with furniture from the “12 Architects Create Furniture” author's collections. For example, the carbon fiber Profile desk for the IT-director was made ​​by NAYADA to the design of the architect Vladimir Kuzmin.

"In the organization of our office spaces, we are constantly confronted with the same problem – the need to show a lot of solutions, including the details, which our customers and architects always inquire about. And it is always a challenge to a find a balance and a limit in the abundance, and a certain level of purity. These are the tasks that we burden the architects with, which, in general, are not the tasks they are familiar with – they are focused on beauty and functionality. Therefore, as usual, we created the solutions ourselves. Sales are growing and people are working more efficiently. Thus, both tasks for this office have been achieved.

The NAYADA corporate identity can be seen in our love to break up space “just a little”. This is evident in the large two-level premises with shifted blocks, and in the details. For example, the broken lines on the reception desk or the kinks in Hedronics metal chairs,”says Dmitry Cherepkov, director of the NAYADA GC.