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New philosophy of school space: NAYADA for the Skolkovo International Gymnasium in the Family Campus

06 / 02 / 2018

The NAYADA Company carried out a large amount of high-tech work for the International Gymnasium of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The gymnasium project was created by the ELIS Architectural Bureau, under the guidance of the architect Nikolay Lyutomsky.

The Family Campus is not just school and daycare buildings, connected together by a passageway. In it, there is a place for after-work activities – sports, art and technical creativity, as well as for joint activities of children and parents. The building allows organizing the educational process in accordance with the international requirements of various programs.

The gymnasium project turned out to be rather large-scale – Russian and foreign students, from one-and-a-half years of age, to the graduating class of the school, have access to modern classes, laboratories, art studios and play zones, covering an area of 22,000 thousand square meters.

When designing, taken into account were all modern requirements for educational institutions. The architects have paid great attention to the philosophy of dealing with school space. This space, according to Nikolay Lyutomsky, rests on three pillars. NAYADA products were used in all aspects of this approach.

The first pillar is the transparency – the maximum of open spaces for observation, everywhere there are walls made of transparent or colored glass. And, based on the increased security requirements, NAYADA-Fireproof EIW-45 and EIW-60 fire barriers are installed here in numerous studios, choreographic and sports halls, the swimming pool, the gaming and library zones.


Supporting the first "pillar" are glass inserts in NAYADA-Fireproof doors, installed in both glass partitions and in the openings of the main walls.

The second pillar is openness – spacious premises, high ceilings.

NAYADA-Fireproof EIW-60 glass partitions were used in the glass windows of the multi-story atrium, at the entrance to the gymnasium, and in the halls of the building. An interesting solution was the multi-colored fire-resistant partitions that make up the sports hall.

The third pillaris Transformability: the wide use of partitions, which allow "reshaping" the premises for specific tasks or needs. The blind ones are installed in the music training hall, and the NAYADA-SmartWall WG5 glass sliding partitions separate the dining room from the common hall. Panels of glass wall-transformers have multi-colored geometric patterns, and besides solving their main task, they have also become a decoration of the central atrium.

A noticeable role, in the formation of the interior of the atrium, is played by colorful fencing of NAYADA-Parapetto molybdenum colored tempered glass, made for facing of the walls. For indoor and outdoor staircases, there are combined fences made of glass and stainless steel. Outdoor stainless steel was also used for the balcony zones of each classroom.