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New principles of school construction in Russia: NAYADA for the LETOVO school and campus for gifted children

04 / 09 / 2018

NAYADA participated in furnishing the LETOVO school and campus that is intended to give all gifted and motivated children access to the highest level of academic knowledge regardless of their residence. The project of this socially important large-scale educational institution was developed by the ATRIUM architectural studio.

The LETOVO is based on the principles of school construction that have been used abroad for the recent 20 years but are still new for Russia: effective learning culture, multifunctionality and space flexibility, as well as safety and comfort for the people. The elevation plan of the four-storey school building represents a three-pointed star which North-East and South points are dedicated to classrooms and creative spaces and West point features a sports center. But first of all you enter the entrance hall that is a part of the school building core – an atrium which is the main feature of the building.

The project involves various company products. Almost all production facilities of NAYADA took part in the project implementation. NAYADA-Twin double glass partitions were applied both in furnishing classrooms and other spaces, for example, a refectory. In addition to improved sound insulation, they offer perfect integration into structural wall partitions.

The NAYADA-SmartWall H5 and H7 sliding partitions were used both in transformable classrooms and in the auditorium (due to which it can be used in the capacity of a large lecture hall) and even on the theatrical stage.

The most common NAYADA product applied in LETOVO is many variances of the NAYADA-Vitero doors: solid, single-leaf, one and half leaf doors as well as doors with glass inserts. We installed more than 100 pieces in classrooms, sanitary rooms and service rooms.

The project also widely applies the NAYADA-Stels “invisible” doors and the NAYADA-Vitero aluminum doors.

The school features more than 100 sq.m of the NAYADA-Parapetto all-glass fencing.

Particular attention should be paid to the NAYADA design furniture on which the library interior is based. In addition to it we produced and installed reception stands, book shelves, kitchens, shop windows and many other objects. In total we produced over 30 different furniture types for this project.

As a result, we see a diverse and colorful learning environment providing comfort for the children and catching their interest. A student is not only a user here, he/she can modify the surroundings adapting them to himself or herself and adapting himself/herself to the environment.