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Updated NAYADA Showroom 2.0 in Kazan

25 / 12 / 2017

In the Update Showroom 2.0 of the NAYADA representative office in the city of Kazan, geometric forms predominate, linear abstraction, dynamics of color and light – are all in the recognizable NAYADA style and have natural accents!

The showroom presents many new developments of the company. As the main material of the design, compact plastic has been used both in monotone and fantasy-wood decors. This plastic is both a universal finishing material for walls and individual elements, and has been successfully used in interior elements.

According to the wishes of the Customers, the NAYADA-Stels hidden door was installed in the renovated showroom, which, due to its doorframe, harmoniously adapts to any interior.

A NAYADA-Crystal all-glass partition is presented in an unusual format – with a Sahara Black textured coating and decorative dividing elements.

You are always welcome at the NAYADA-Kazan Showroom in Kazan, located at 66 Dostoevsky Street!