One day orders.

13 / 09 / 2007

In many cases rearranging or creating new working zones is carried out in offices, which are still functioning. This often interferes into the whole working process. To eliminate discomfort NAYADA specialists offered and implemented a new mounting system, which allows to install NAYADA-Standart partitions measuring up to 50 m2 during one work shift.

One day orders

The scheme of work in this case fundamentally differs from a standard one. As a rule, the process of installing NAYADA-Standart partitions in the client's office starts with assembling a carcass. After that our workers measure the inner embrasures of a partition, which are then sent to production site. After glass panels of the right size are received at the object, the complete assembling of the partition is being started. The whole process takes about 3 days.

In case of one-day orders the projector takes more precise measurеments, both of the carcass and glass panel. Thus all the necessary partition elements are sent in one batch, and the working brigade only has to assemble them. This work can be done in one day. It is no wonder that one-day orders aroused clients' interest. Every month NAYADA executes around 60 one-day projects, 80% of which are assembled in a single work shift.

The orders can be executed during the night time or on the week-ends to ensure the uninterrupted work of the office.