Office for MegaLabs from NAYADA – the best contrast of shapes and colors

20 / 12 / 2012

NAYADA company has implemented the idea of architects Nicholay Milovidov and Sergey Karetnikov on the decoration of the office of MegaLabs. A subsidiary of MegaFon, one of the largest mobile operators, rented an office in the Legion business center. NAYADA company, a leading developer and manufacturer of interior doors partitions and office furniture in Russia, CIS and EU countries, has been selected to work on a new stylish workspace.

One of the main objectives was to preserve general corporate colors of MegaLabs and MegaFon brands. The company, positioning itself as a provider of new and innovative services, chose contrasting colors and shapes. The combination of subtle, “business”, metallic color with the bright decorative elements, as well as smooth and "chopped" lines, added creative notes to the business space. However, main colors of the brand – green and purple – diluted the subtle business glass and metal design in the high-tech style. To implement bright ideas, NAYADA-Crystal and NAYADA-Twin glass partitions were used. NAYADA-Crystal lightweight partitions with a glass thickness of up to 10 mm, and NAYADA-Twin double glazed partitions have become the best offer, preserving maximum functionality and the author's idea for the design. Variety of materials used to make the doors according to the design project: laminate, metal, plywood, glass – provided an additional opportunity for a visual space zoning.