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Office in the spirit of corporate values: NAYADA project for the Clarins Cosmetics Company

10 / 06 / 2014

NAYADA participated in the design of the new office for the well-known cosmetic brand Clarins, located in the center of Moscow. The design and layout of the office space, created by architect Anastasia Koval,was intended to reflect the corporate values and spirit of the company.

Thenew office project had to be implementedin a short time, within budget and with the best quality.

The expressive dominant was the use of the corporate red color, combined with white walls and NAYADAtransparent partitions. The colors of the interior emphasize the cleanliness and aesthetics of the cosmetics company.

The choice of interior solutions was also driven by the lack of natural lighting. The new office has a terrace, which offers a lovely panoramic view over the city of Moscow, but inside the office,artificial lighting is used.

NAYADA doors are installed in the main functional areas. Upon entering the office, the NAYADA-Fireproof door blocks any penetration of a fire. The working areas are equipped with the door systems NAYADA-Standart and NAYADA-Crystal.

The office is divided into standard functional areas, including a working Open Space. Private offices ofmanagers, decorated with NAYADAglass partitions, became a special feature in this project. The Russian representative office of Clarins is welcoming with its open interaction system inside the company. Such “openness” is rarely seen among private offices of chiefs, especially in Russia. The private offices are located along a long corridor and separated by theNAYADA-Twin transparent partitionssystem, which provide an enhanced level of sound insulation.

Separate premises are provided for negotiating areas, which do not stand out from the general interior. Just like the personal offices, the meeting rooms have transparent glazing.

“The main task set by the client – was to move into the new premises as quickly as possible. From the Shell & Core state until the final move took only 2.5 months. Despite this tightschedule, the office turned out bright and beautiful. The main accent in the project was placed on the corporate color of Clarins,” commented Anastasia Koval, the project architect.