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51 sq. m office & apartments: laconism and geometric highlights

03 / 10 / 2018

We pay our attention not only to large-scale and complex projects. Our architects create more and more beautiful offices masterly dividing their limited space. The apartments located in the Multifunctional Complex “IQ-quarter” feature only 51 sq. m room, however designers Sofia Karnukaeva and Margarita Gadjieva managed to create a functional office comprising of a work space, a meeting room and a rest room.

The customers ordered an original and comfortable but decent office that would be useful for meetings. They wanted a functional space that would be easily transformable into a living room when necessary. The style had to be subtle but well-organized, with a work space, a meeting room, a rest room and a small kitchen.

To locate everything necessary within a limited space and divide the zones visually, the architects decided to arrange cubic rooms in a specific sequence against the source of daylight: the closest is a work space, and then you can see a meeting room and a rest room.

A specific color and a material dominate in each room. They chose grey concrete to be the focus of the work space. The meeting room was separated with the NAYADA-Twin black aluminum framed acoustic glass partitions and doors. The concept material for this zone is warm and cozy wood.

Soft pistachio-green shades balance the minimalist decoration of the rest room. The interior of this small office is impressive but at the same laconic and functional. The authors are especially proud of the meeting room which is bold and drastic. The illuminated board animates the space and adds dynamics to it.