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Office as a clean canvas for creativity: NAYADA for Arteza

19 / 01 / 2018

The new office of ARTEZA, which creates objects of landscape architecture, is located in the historical factory building in the territory of Artplay. Brick walls, arched windows and high ceilings influenced the overall atmosphere of the interior, and allowed the project architect Ilya Sazhin to create a modern two-level loft space for this young creative company.

The use of a predominantly white color in the interior, in contrast to the brick walls, according to the architect's idea, resembles a "clean canvas", which every day is filled with creativity and work of the company's architects.

The office is designed in the format of an open working space, the central element in which is a tall tree in the tub as a "stella on the square", reflecting the company's professional direction. The managers and chief executives are located on the second level, while the two parts of the office are connected by a bridge. Via the bridge, you can go over the entrance hall to the chamber library – a place for rest and solitary meetings with customers. All parts of the office were located with due regard for the well-planned logistics of movement between them, and in accordance with this, a system of ladders and openings was arranged.


The spaces of private offices and meeting rooms were zoned with NAYADA-Crystal all-glass partitions. The maximum glazing of the partitions allows natural light to fill low second floor, and the use of black profiles emphasizes the industrial style.

The entrance group, with a bright black wall, was made with the new NAYADA-Quadro in a black profile and with high double doors. In the storage areas, the NAYADA-Stels hidden doors were installed.

"The solutions used in office can be perceived as simple and concise: most of the elements – metal structures, window slopes, mezzanines and work furniture – are made in white. The idea here, is for the employees to be able to create their own workplaces, to blossom a clean white sub-base with different objects, drawings or bright visualizations. The hierarchy of the premises is easy to read – the employees are on the first level, the management is on the second one, but this is only an external impression, because the partitions in the private offices of the executives are completely made of glass, and all the doors are constantly open, at the large table in the center of the open space, talks are held – both between employees and with customers. This permeability, transparency of all processes in the office, reveals its democratic essence, as it was thought up by us," commented Ilya Sazhin, chief architect of the project.