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Office as a modern art gallery: NAYADA for Vesper

22 / 10 / 2018

A new office for the Vesper development company has been designed in chic minimalist style. The company is specialized in construction of elite club houses in Moscow, so its office reflects the architectural style of the company’s own projects. The interior was inspired by a modern art gallery style and includes a corporate collection of arts.

The office design was developed by the Tsimailo Lyashenko & Partners architectural bureau of Moscow. The architects created two zones, a minimalist work space and a customer reception room embodying the quality and style offered by the company’s project interiors.

To implement this project, NAYADA offered very elegant partition, wall and door solutions. We used natural materials to decorate the space: Italian marble (each slab of which was handpicked to fit this pre-designed pattern), semi-precious Amazon stone and oak panels.

The NAYADA products apply natural oak widely to finish the NAYADA-Regina Line doors, walls or ceilings, and furniture elements as well. According to the architectural project, NAYADA manufactured bar counters, cabinets, bookstands, shelves, and the kitchen.

With the total laconic manner of the interior, the NAYADA-Stels doors with a hidden frame appeared extremely precise in performance. They were made ceiling-high but with different widths and finishes to match oak wall panels, or were pre-coated for further painting.

We chose the most visually light NAYADA-Crystal all-glass partition system for space division. The partitions were combined with single-leaf and double-leaved glass doors as well as the NAYADA-Regina wooden doors.