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Office as a highly productive work environment: NAYАDA for Align Technology

08 / 11 / 2018

A new office for the Align Technology international company offering innovational products and digital services for orthodontics was designed by ABD architects architectural bureau to show evidently how office space can create productive but comfortable environment for the employees.


Different zones have been arranged for this purpose, namely: many meeting rooms and call rooms decorated with matt glass, co-working zones, private offices, with spacious workstations also allowing for remote work from lounge spaces, café or terrace. Every few rows of desks are alternated with larger desks for co-working and negotiation of current issues. Sofas and small coffee tables were installed here too to let employees have a short break.

In addition, the architects emphasized the historical component of the office building through the interior design – for example, they reserved the original brickwork and metal structures and have revealed ceiling communication lines.

They used the NAYADA-Twin glass partitions and NAYADA-Twin, NAYADA-Intero doors to divide the space. A geometric pattern of glass partitions installed at the reception zone creates a fascinating 3D effect.

Meeting rooms and private offices called after the names of the most famous streets in the world have moderate monochromic decoration. At the observed level partitions are matted with geometric pattern film. Loft style is supported by the Sahara Black black profiles. In combination with concrete ceiling and walls, the meeting rooms set for concentration. The whole office features moderate and natural colors: many shades of grey, brown and muted blue are penetrated by bright splashes.

To decorate talk rooms, NAYADA additionally produced a decorative glass partition to mount LED lights onto it. We also offered markerboards that allow easy writing and erasing for even more productive work.