First hours at ORGATEC: guests express interest

25 / 10 / 2012
Photo First hours at ORGATEC: guests express interest

The long awaited opening of the largest international industry expo has finally taken place. The event united professionals in the sphere of office space decoration from more than 40 countries. Russia was represented by NAYADА company, the only Russian exhibitor.

Already in a few hours after the opening NAYADA furniture displayed at the company's booth started attracting first visitors and event participants from Spain, France, Germany and Great Britain.

One of the largest exhibition areas (300 m²) included 5 executive directors' offices from the leading Russian architectural bureaus produced within the frames of «12 Architects. Offices project, as well as Ostrova tables, a prototype of a project by Arseny Leonovich. Bright ideas and methods of their realization generated both aesthetic and commercial interest among potential customers, who already expressed their intention to purchase designer offices.

“I am glad that NAYADA's debut at Orgatec expo stirred so much interest”, said Dmitry Cherepkov, the president of NAYADA company. “Every day at least 4 people want to buy offices on display. We accept preliminary orders at the moment. All the works are represented in a single copy. The next stage is the exhibition in Milan in 2013. Meanwhile we are summing up the first results of ORGATEC-2012. We are happy to see the interest of people, who want to purchase our offices for themselves because of their unique characteristics and ability to break stereotypes. Dealers also express interest and a strong wish to cooperate with NAYADA”.