18 / 10 / 2007

On October 18th NAYADA Company and Russian Architects' Association summed up the resulte of the second international competition for architects and designers «Office Space: creativity, technologies, innovations». Although the names of winners and nominees from publications – informational sponsors – were already defined in September, the organizers of the competition postponed the date to the second half of October and announced the winners at the «Building 2007» festival.

For the second time the award ceremony takes place during this festival. Naturally, one of the jurors became the master of the event. This year the winners of the archcompetition received statuettes and diplomas from the hands of a famous architect and the head of «ABTB» architectural studio Timur Bashkaev. In his opening speech Timur Istanovich noticed: «In two years the Archcompetition has become one of the most anticipated events in the architectural space and managed to attract creative and interesting people, who decided to participate. In all three nominations, Archsolution, Archimplementation and Archpartition we've received a lot of interesting and sometimes unexpected works. The most «fruitful» category judging by the number of challenging, unconventional and even bold solutions turned out to be «Archpartition». al in all, we've received 115 projects:

Photo The results of the second international competition «Office Space: creativity, technologies, innovations» have been summarised. 14 in the nomination Archimplementation;
Photo The results of the second international competition «Office Space: creativity, technologies, innovations» have been summarised. 36 in the nomination Archsolution;
Photo The results of the second international competition «Office Space: creativity, technologies, innovations» have been summarised. 65 in the nomination Archpartition.

The organizers of the competition note that a big amount of participants can only be explained by the great interest taken in the sphere of office interior. According to the ideologic inspirer of the Archcompetition and the president of NAYADA Group of Companies Dmitry Cherepkov, «Before coming forward with the idea of organizing this competition we've noticed that despite a large number of contests for designers and architects they pay little attention to office interiors. However today a lot of people spend most of their time in offices, which should be comfortable to be and work in. The purpose of our contest is stimulating promising authors who create such offices».

Upon receiving a lot of interesting works the jurors decided to make a few changes into the judgement criteria. Initially there were 3 prizes in each nomination: the first, the second and the third. However in the nomination Archinplementation the jurors selected only one project «Office be_tone» (the authors Natalia Belugina, Mikhail Tarada). In the nomination Archsolution the jurors gave away only two prises , the first one was given to Aida Saidi from St. Petersburg for the project «Architectural bureau office» and the second went to Nikolay krot from Minsk for the project «Moskva-Minsk Bank». In the last nomination the jurors decided to set up 6 (!!!) awards. The third prise went to 3 projects: «Botva» by Mikhail Kirienko (Sochi), «Pleten 21» by Ivan Krasnobaev (Kazan) and «Module» by Ilya Malyshkin (Moscow). The second prise went to 2 works: «Discrete separate partition made of elementary particles» by Olga Banchikova, Ruben Arakelyan and Alexandr Koudimov and the project «Spline» by Karen Sardaryan. The first prise went to Nikolai Korenkov for the project «Doski» (Lyubertsy).

Informational sponsors agreed with the jurors in their choice of winners, that is why some authors had to come up to the stage several times. For instance, the authors of the project «Office be_tone» Natalia Belugina and Mikhail Tarada received three awards.

The holder of the last year's Viewers' Choice award in the nomination «Archimplementation»Dmitry Militonyan took part in the competition this year as well.

The second international contest for architects and designers «Office Space: creativity, technologies, innovations» is not only the most unexpected competition in terms of prise giving, but also one of the most popular events involving the largest number of participants. Almost the half of all the statuettes went to the winning cities: Sochi, Kazan, Saint Petersburgh and Minsk.

The photos from the award ceremony can be viewed here: www.archiconcurs.ru