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Pragmatic eco solutions: NAYADA for a manufacturing company

16 / 05 / 2018

NAYADA participated in designing of a new office of a manufacturing company. The customer directed us to translate a highly-advanced development level, perception of the world and an individual strategy for business in the office interior.

Ksenia Maymina, a project architect, mastered creation of a comfortable environment for efficient work. As a result, minimalistic solutions in the interior decoration, practical approach and functionality of the solutions were successfully combined with eco theme and moderate luxury for some dedicated rooms.

NAYADA produced and installed the NAYADA-Crystal all-glass partitions alternating with the NAYADA-Regina natural veneer finished partitions. Fencing also features wooden decoration.

The interior is smartly adorned with non-standard veneered panels with ornamental cutting used to decorate glass inserts of the NAYADA-Crystal partitions. NAYADA company manufactured them based on the original design created by project architect Ksenia Maymina.

The NAYADA-SmartWall H7 partitions with improved sound insulation facilitated arrangement of a large meeting room that can be quickly divided into three small rooms. The partitions have white gloss finish.

The project also employs all-glass doors.

NAYADA products allowed arrangement of the elegant office for the executives with the application of eco materials only, that completely meets the nature-oriented traditions of the customer company.