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Production office of NAYADA nominated for Best Office Awards 2016

15 / 03 / 2016

The production office of the NAYADA Company has been nominated for the annual international awards in the office interiors design field – the Best Office Awards 2016. NAYADA set up its production and logistics center in Domodedovo back in 2008. Since that time, our production areas have increased to 20,000 square meters, with the office-administrative part of the plant being fully renovated last year. This office has become an experimental platform – showing all the capabilities and applied technologies of modern workspaces being produced by NAYADA. All the interior solutions were designed and implemented in-house by our company.

The main business-task of the office is to create a modern comfortable working environment – both for the employees and administrative staff, taking into account the special needs of production facilities and combining the functions of office and showroom. The office serves as an experimental platform for testing new NAYADA developments. All new products developed by our company are first tested and improved here. Thus, the interior of this office is under constant “upgrade”, changing with the trends that are being offered by NAYADA. Thus, the reception area, and part of the furniture collection are now made from lightweight concrete.

The office has been designed as an effective business tool, demonstrating the company's production capacity and comprehensively showing the wide range of available products – from the latest developments in partitioning systems to proprietary furniture collections.

The NAYADA factory receives daily visits from partners, customers, suppliers, and visitors. It hosts meetings of the industrial working group, major discussions, forums and annual meetings of the company’s regional offices. Domodedovo is also home to our own LEPOTA Design Furniture Factory, production facilities for sliding walls and the manufacturing plant that produces exclusive Artelle doors – all part of the NAYADA Group of Companies.

The office space is built taking into account the needs of a factory premises – with tall windows and vents in the ceilings.

The working zones are assembled in blocks, decorated with NAYADA glass partitions. Every installed construction serves a specific function, demonstrating the variability of office partitions offered by Nayada. For example, the new development – Intero-400, has been installed in the office. This new system combines the ability to maximize the glazing and add embedded modular elements, for example, veneered panels or cabinets. The working places of employees are divided using mobile partitions. The very office furniture is also made at NAYADA’s production facilities.

The central part is occupied by a large meeting room zone, divided into several mini-meeting rooms. NAYADA is one of the first Russian companies that have implemented the Kaizen management methods and the Lean system of manufacturing. Kaizen working group meets regularly in the large meeting room zone to discuss improvements to the production processes. All the main meetings are also held here, where people can work in small groups or individually. A striking accent is added by the lounge area, with its sofas and frameless puffs.

A separate area has been reserved for the furniture products showroom, which also includes furniture collections from the «12 Architects Create Furniture» project. Furniture, created in collaboration with world-renowned architects, is used in the meeting room zones and in the private offices of managers.

The SPEECH Office, 2015. Updated construction with veneer finishing (S. Choban and S. Kuznetsov)

The PIGRECO Office, 2015. The new version of the collection in lightweight concrete.

“Like all Nayada offices, this office in the factory we designed and implemented independently. This is a kind of ‘office testing range’ – where we develop, try out, and release the first samples of new products, and then improve the products that we subsequently offer to our customers. In constantly introducing new items into our own office interior, we pay special attention to preserve the integrity of the organic nature of perception, in a wide range of solutions”, commented Dmitry Cherepkov, CEO of NAYADA.