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NAYADA Production Office became a winner in an innovative projects in real estate contest in 2016

26 / 09 / 2016

As part of the anniversary celebrations of the PROEstate Forum, they held a solemn awards ceremony for the winners of the second innovative projects in real estate contest, organized by the Russian Managers and Developers Guild. A total of 25 projects participated in the five contest categories. The jury chose the best five through a voting process.

The NAYADA Production Office, located in Domodedovo, became the winner in the category “Developer Product - Commercial Real Estate”. The NAYADA Office is an experimental platform highlighting the advantages and applied technologies that NAYADA offers for modern spaces. Here, the manufacturer develops, tests, produces the first samples of new products, and improves all its products, subsequently offering its customers – walls, doors, furniture and a full range of interior design solutions for offices and public spaces. All the interiors and office design projects were developed and implemented within the NAYADA Company.

Here you can see new items – the company’s own developments in the field of partitions. For example, the Intero 400 – a new universal partitions system for zoning space in offices; the system combines the ability to maximize the glazing and the addition of embedded modular elements, for example, veneered panels or cabinets.

When creating new furniture, the company uses innovative materials – for example, real industrial concrete, created especially in the lightweight version. From this material, we make reception zones (cabinets and counters), furniture for meeting rooms, and custom-designed furniture for the chief executive’s office. A real carbon plant is also present here, a material from which we also make furniture.

Striking results from using innovative forms and materials in industrial design – NAYADA’s “12 Architects Create Furniture” project, created in collaboration with world-famous architects. The designer furniture is made in complex shapes, using rare materials – such as rare species of veneer, concrete, liquid metal, and carbon.

“This year the competition was also much tougher than in the past, and the quality of the applications was already much higher, and the understanding of the importance of innovative solutions in the construction of various facilities becomes more profound. This is good news, because originally, the most important goal of the competition was to popularize advanced solutions, which allow increasing the efficiency of the construction and operation of buildings,”says I. Dobrokhotova, Chair of the Expert Council on Innovations in Real Estate, Russian Managers and Developers Guild.

The expert jury of the Good Innovations Contest included real estate market professionals – representatives of development companies, real estate agencies, engineering organizations, architectural firms and specialized media.

Information about the contest:

The competition of innovative real estate projects is designed to promote successful domestic experience in implementing innovative solutions in the sector, and to create favorable public opinion about the innovative potential of Russia. The competition projects are aimed at the introduction of developments into the sector – the use of new technologies, advanced building materials that enable energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, economical, and aestheticallypleasing construction, as well as to ensure improvement of the quality of comfortable environments.