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Production in the Modern Art Gallery Style: NAYADA for Geropharm

18 / 01 / 2019

“I am a factory worker,” sounds like a proud remark where the pharmaceutical production of Geropharm in the town of Pushkin is concerned. The interior design created by DESIGN SOLUTIONS resembles a modern art exhibition rather than a typical factory workshop.

The abundant use of glass supplied by NAYADA, the perforated metal panels, and a decoration panel made of pipes make up the overall industrial design concept. The factory equipment and laboratories are smoothly integrated with the office space.

The pattern of the interior is visible even from the outside though the glass facades. The lobby is spacious by design and free from any irrelevant features. Waiting spaces are integrated with the meeting rooms separated by glass partitions. The first thing to catch your eye as you enter the building is a high panel of concrete with the company logo. Visitors are welcomed at the discreet reception desk.

Meeting rooms and individual offices are equipped with NAYADA-Twin sound-proof glass partitions resembling the interiors of the high-tech pharmaceutical factory shops. The use of the contrasting black colour lends an impression of depth and visually divides the premises from the open space area. A special highlight is the black smooth laminated doors by NAYADA.

The design of the workspaces relies on a contrasting palette, with the walls, ceiling and furniture rendered mostly in white. The minimum colour accents set a comfortable rhythm.