24 / 06 / 2009

How to transform doors with conventional leafs and apertures into a unique detail of interior able to draw attention and show a way into new space. NAYADA Company, the leading Russian developer and producer of doors and partition systems has managed to answer this question and create such unusual and beautiful doors.


This unconventional solution based on innovative INTERO door panels was called PROSTO ART DOORS meaning “just art doors”. The creative workshop of the company became a platform for generation of original and sometimes unexpected design projects. ART DOORS are doors one enjoys to look at. Not only they are beautiful and unusual but also really functional. They can be installed into any aperture of the partition, because the height of such doors can significantly exceed standard sizes.

One of the projects of ART DOORS is a door called “MOO” due to the pattern on the panel. However, to say that “MOO” is just a door with a picture of a cow on it is to say nothing. MOO is a black door with a red back or a red door with a black back. You think this is a mistake or a slop of the tongue? We assure you that it's not. Its' just MOO has two sides, the black one and the red one. It all depends where you look at it from. It can also be both, transparent and opaque, because the door panel of MOO it partly transparent and in some places it is matte thanks to frosted effect. Not only architects of the past, but also modern designers have a sense of humor.

It becomes obvious when you look at the funny design of «KomarProof» (aka “Mosquito Proof”). This door can lift up the spirits even on a gloomy day. The design of «KomarProof» door is especially relevant in summer, because it is supposed to be a mosquito proof. Such unusual properties are illustrated by the subject of the picture on the door panel. There are mosquitoes on the face side and there are none pictured on the inner side.

Mosquitoes couldn't get through the open window! Looking through this small window it's easy to see whether there is any one there. By the way, right now we are working on the third design, an absolutely transparent door, through which you can't actually see anything...