Regional Trade & Entertainment Centers choose NAYADA

12 / 06 / 2008

Photo Regional Trade & Entertainment Centers choose NAYADAMall building boom is gradually shifting from Moscow towards the regions.

Such popular trade and entertainment centers as Mega, Ashan and Ikea appear in many cities with million population. It's nice to know that NAYADA takes an active part in construction those business and shopping centers.

According to the famous chain stores representatives, they started partnering with NAYADA upon the launch of their shopping centers in Moscow and keep working with its regional offices when opening new stores in new regions.

Thus, in a newly opened Mega-Adygeya mall in Krasnodar more than 20 boutiques was constructed by NAYADA-Krasnodar specialists. And in the neighbouring Rostov region more than 40 shops in Mega and Ashan malls were created with the help of NAYADA partitions.

Considering that all shop owners wanted to open the doors of their boutiques in the same day with the official opening of the mall, the crews from the Rostov office of NAYADA didn't stop working even at night.

As the result, they managed to do the impossible: all shops were built in less than two months. But even a fast pace hasn't lowered the quality of work, which even exceeded the customers' expectations. In some of the boutiques NAYADA-Rostov specialists used coloured profiles coinciding with the image shades of trading companies.

For instance, for the first time in Russia the entrance group of a Spanish boutique «Cortefiel» built using a black profile was finished in accordance with brand colours of the mall. The idea and the way it was realised was highly appreciated by the customer, which decided to use this style for other stores. For OGGI NAYADA specialists offered a whole complex of interior solutions, that is why the brand owners entrusted NAYADA-Rostov designing and constructing not only the entrance group, but the whole store.