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Modesty and functionality: NAYADA furniture for the DSM-Façade corporate office

10 / 10 / 2017

NAYADA managed to arrange the corporate office for the DSM-Façade company that is focused on installation of ventilated facades. The project designers successfully combined conventional structures and high-quality natural finish materials.

At the entrance zone the guests see the NAYADA-Reception stand with walnut veneer and natural stone finish. The style of this area is supported with walls decorated with the Lacobel tinted glass and the oak veneered NAYADA-Regina panels.

The classic NAYADA-Standart all-glass partitions with built-in NAYADA-Intero doors were applied to divide the office space. The room doors are equipped with built-in code access system. Black tone of the partitions and doors framing provides necessary contrast and emphasis to the interior.

The partition between the meeting room and the CEO office features “smart glass” which allows the manager to control the wall transparency through one click of the remote control.

The furniture (cabinets, shelves, desks and drawer units) for all the rooms were individually produced by NAYADA from natural walnut veneer. The CEO office features a large table with an add-on for visitors.

Open space area is equipped with the furniture of NAYADA-Lavoro collection, namely the Bench desks connected through the integral metal frame with support legs. The desks have semi-transparent mobile screens made from matt acrylic glass.