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Family values and environmental standards: NAYADA for MARS Office

14 / 03 / 2017

The NAYADA Company participated in the creation of a new office for MARS, the world famous manufacturer of chocolates, pet foods, chewing gum, and food products. Architects fromUNK-project embodied, in the interior of the office, the Customer’s important concept of ONE MARS, joining together all of the company's divisions and reflecting the personality of each MARS brand.

Elements of individualcompany brand segments are concentrated in the public areas and meeting rooms, which are named after MARS brands and finished in their own brand colors. The family atmosphere plays an important role in the company's corporate culture, which is reflected in their designs. The MARS Office became the first pet-friendly office in Moscow, with a games area for the animals, and employees can now bring their pets to work. In addition, the office was warded the LEED Gold Certificate – all design solutions are made in accordance with international environmental standards.

A separateTown-hall was created in the office, which is a common hall for meetings that can accommodate all employees. Thanks to the installed NAYADA-SmartWall sliding partitions,the hall can be divided into two, three or four separate rooms for lectures, seminars or other events.

For this project, NAYADA created six NAYADA-SmartWall h7 double-roller partitions sliding partitions, soundproofed to 54 dB and with built-in single-leafdoors. They are finished in platinum color. At the Customer’s request, separate niches were created for ‘parking’ of the transformer partisans, which when folded look smart in the interior.

"In architectural practice, I find particularly attractive those projects for which solutions have not yet been worked out. This allows us to tightly work with the customer to achieve rich creative work. In this project, this was the exact case: Mars divisions in Russia have come together for the first time in one office, in order to bring to life the company's important idea of ONE MARS, which is a concept of the company as a single family, and our design project was the first to implement this into practice – this was difficult, but very interesting,"says Nikolai Milovidov, Managing Partner of UNK-project.