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A modern office with veneered finishes: NAYADA for the office of the industrial company

13 / 09 / 2018

NAYADA designed the office space for the major industrial company. Intricately painted elegant oak was the material to connect the designs of different rooms of this new multistory office. NAYADA produced 15 variances of veneer tinting prior to implementation of the project. There is no surprise, because oak veneer is everywhere here: from wall and door finishes to transformable partitions finish to even finishes of glazed fire resistant doors.

The NAYADA-Crystal all-glass partitions are the next-commonest product in the office. For this project we produced them with many structural and design tricks. First, they alternate with insertions – solid structural wall partitions. It allows more effective zoning of the space and diversifies the interior.

Second, uncommon veneered solid doors with hidden electrical conduit were integrated into them. As the space between the door and the ceilings was connected with glass only, the door frame was exclusively mounted onto the floor, and the retaining structure was developed specially for this project.

Third, connections with the ceilings and the floors were often solved in a non-standard way: clamping profiles were either hidden behind the ceilings or totally avoided. We even offered glass partitions with the panels having no mounting points with the floors, or the walls, or between two neighboring sections. They were mounted in cantilever fashion only to the floors and the furniture.

We used the NAYADA-SmartWall H5/H7 sliding acoustic partitions with natural veneer and paint finish to decorate the meeting rooms and office corridors.

Elevator halls were covered with plates made from thick stainless steel, and various direction signs were installed in the hallways.

Fireproof glass doors with the natural veneer finished frame appeared like one of the most technologically complicated solutions for the office: NAYADA produced them for the first time ever.