Green lawn for every one!

30 / 11 / 2010

NAYADA offers its clients another opportunity to surround themselves with natural materials and items, which bring the residents of modern metropolises closer to the nature.

Beside a popular FOREST shelf the range of designer furniture has been enhanced with another sample of animated nature, a Table with Grass (the author: Anna Smurygina).

The first sample of the Table exposed at I Saloni WorldWide Moscow international show attracted visitors' attention. As they touched the grass and ran their fingers through it they felt as if they communicated with a live creature.

The general manager of IMAGINE AdVenture creative agency Eugeniya Bykova took an interest in an unusual table and made an order for the Table with Grass, which gives joy of close communication with nature and at the same time does not require high maintenance.

Photo Green lawn for every one!

Now the Table with Grass helps cheerful staff of IMAGINE AdVenture to grow creative ideas and create wonderful projects. The table with Grass complemented a cozy interior of the office decorated by the staff.

A Table with Grass is a reflection of a new millennium. It's not just a decorative element, it's an essential part of a modern interior. Harsh urban conditions don't practically leave room for enjoying nature – highways and skyscrapers force out natural vegetation. A Table with Grass restores natural comfort at home. Grass is unpretentious and wonderful in its simpleness. It associates with relaxation, conciliation and walking on the lawn with bare feet, where the sun reflects in every drop of dew.

The shape of grass is accentuated by laconic forms of the table. Complicated, irregular shaped legs remind of rock shelves associating with wild land scape. Thus the grass looks absolutely natural. The natural and functional compound merge into one artistic whole.

A very lively comment for an almost live table:

"I would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful table with natural grass. It is beautifully designed and excellently developed. It is also comfortable to sit at: it's high enough, and the table top is placed conveniently. The table appeals to the eye – it's laconic, a little asymmetric and very natural. Thank you very much for the table!"
Eugeniya Barkova

Photo Green lawn for every one!