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Street art and pop culture of the 1960s: NAYADA for the Energoprom office

27 / 04 / 2016

The NAYADA Company took part in the creation of the interiors of the Energoprom Company’s office. The authors of this project were architects from the IND Architects Bureau – A. Sidorov, R. Murakov, V. Zemlyansky, and A. Nagornykh. Modern space for the young team of the Energoprom Company was created in the loft-style, using bright elements of street art and pop culture of the 1960s.

All office units are furnished with NAYADA partitions and doors, and have the traditional elements of all modern office premises – reception area, open space, manager’s office, coffee point, meeting room, and server room.

For the formation of private offices and meeting rooms, they used NAYADA-Crystal and NAYADA-Twin glass partitions and doors systems. Onto the translucent glass structures, we applied drawings in the uniform style of the entire project.

For this project, they used NAYADA doors systems – the fire-resistant entry group is made using NAYADA-Fireproof glass, metal fire-resistant doors in the service zones, laminated doors, NAYADA-Regina veneered doors in bathrooms, and glass doors.

The main asset of this company – is the general energy of its team. To charge up these young professionals, who make up the core of the team, the customer decided to design and construct creative spaces. The office, designed for informal communications and lively exchange of ideas, represents a modern and comfortable place to work.

This office was designed taking into account the future growth in the number of staff, for example, the premises are laid out as spacious, open-space, on the walls of which we were able to accommodate the entire composition of the Beatles rock group. The “Fab Four” musicians can be found everywhere in the office – the interior was inspired by pop culture of the 1960s and street art – hence the loft concept. The traditional style of concrete and brick is highlighted with bright colors, and the walls are decorated with posters and graffiti.

“In this project, which I think is one of the most vivid and rich that we have ever created, the basic idea came from the customer’s page on a social network. Thanks to it, the ideas evolved – the spirit of the 1960s, outstanding personalities of the time, like the musicians The Beatles and Bob Marley, the alphabet, consisting of high towers, conductors and insulators, tables, coils, bicycle racks in the form of boxes, musical instruments and many others. In our bureau, we believe that each project must be individual and unique, and of course, the office of Energoprom has been created thus,” says Andrey Sidorov, partner and leading architect at the IND Architects Bureau.