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Freedom, Sincerity, Courage: NAYADA for the SYMBOL showroom

15 / 11 / 2016

NAYADA Company's products were used to create the sales office of the SYMBOL Residential Complex being developed by Donstroy. For this project, NAYADA produced custom furniture on a really tight schedule.

 The showroom is presented in the form of a spectacular two-story structure, with an observation deck on the roof, where from a height, visitors can watch the progress of works on the construction site. The facades are decorated in a bright “graffiti” style, broadcastingthe key values of the SYMBOL brand: Freedom, Sincerity, Courage.


The space of the first floor office is divided into two parts: the actual sales office with workstations for managers – and the territory of the SYMBOL Creative Space, where the company holds master classes, seminars, lectures, video-clip showings and other creative and intellectual activities for adults and children. The entire second floor is dedicated to the showroom – displaying apartments in full-size, fully finished and furnished.

The concept of the showroom’s interior is based on the idea of a ​​free and open to changes loft-space, embodying the creative atmosphere of a cozy environment. In the finishing and decoration, we used “aged” materials, open communications, copper and brass designs, custom art objects and furniture in the “steampunk” style.

Basing on the concept of the interior style, NAYADA experts produced a series of furniture solutions for this project. For example, in the office, there is a real wet-bar with a wardrobe. Artificially aged wood elements effectively combine with backlights and copper.

To facilitate teamwork, NAYADA produced 20 multisided-tables with iron legs on wheels. Each side of the hexagon wooden texture tabletops is designs for one seating place. This table design can fit perfectly into any room, regardless of the geometry of the walls, and several of them can combined to form different variations. Thanks to the castors on the legs, the tables can be easily moved around the office.

In the open space, the architects arranged several ornamental columns, backlit cabinets and with a street lamp on a base, which looks like a real art object.

NAYADA also produced a small table for a bio-fireplace made from nano-concrete.