The office disposing to work and rest.

26 / 03 / 2008

Customer: LLC «Renaissance Development»
Designer: Bora Basok, LLC «Renaissance Development»
Project manager from NAYADA: Elena Zaitseva
Office area: 400 sq. metres
Installed partitions: NAYADA-Crystal

Renaissance Plaza is the name of the biggest business centre, which was built in Saint Petersburg not long ago. The first company to open its office in the new building was «Renaissance Development», the largest construction and investment company, which also deals with office area sales in this business centre.

Photo The office disposing to work and rest.

NAYADA company took an active part in creating the interior of the central office of «Renaissance Development». The customer's main intention was to create an office, which would be comfortable both, for personnel and for the clients. It was necessary to make it light and open so that the workers could communicate easily. At the same time, it was important to separate the working zones in order to let each staff member to concentrate on its work.

Photo The office disposing to work and rest.

The office also had to reflect the company philosophy and its openness in order the customers would see «Renaissance Development» as a reliable dynamic business partner. Taking into account all customer's needs and wishes, NAYADA designers offered a concept of a «glass office». They decided to use NAYADA-Crystal allglass partition system based on a combination of tempered glass 8-10 mm thick and a frame. Glass sections are fixed in conjunction. The glass used in NAYADA-Crystal allows to implement any design. To avoid an «aquarium» effect, transparent panels were complemented with matte decorative stripes applied to the glazed parts of partitions and doors.

Photo The office disposing to work and rest. Photo The office disposing to work and rest.

Matting implied a new technology: at first, the tape was stencilled on the glass already installed into partition, then the glass was turned inside out. The result — a light and bright office, which makes one disposed to creative and productive work.

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