04 / 05 / 2009

One of the conditions of an anti-crisis program offered by NAYADA implies lowering production cost on account of optimization of expenses for production, assembling and other spheres of company activities. At the same time NAYADA is still imposing strict requirements on the quality management. Its high standards not only conform to the all-Union State Standard, but in some cases exceed its regulations.

For instance, the all-Union State Standard does not impose any requirements on painted surfaces. NAYADA quality scale has several points, which are used to define the degree of operability of a painted profile or other system element. According to the inner standards of quality of the company, there shouldn't be any scratches, dents, strikes, fractures, inclusions, incongruity of shades, etc.

Speaking about glass constructions, according to the all-Union State Standard, the control of defects is carried out at the distance of 60 - 100 cm from the glass surface. NAYADA does not permit any scratches on the surface seen at the distance of 50 cm.

As for laminated door coating, the number and level of technological defects allowed by the all-Union State Standard are 10 times higher than the defects allowed by NAYADA. The quality control service lays a strong emphasis on the position of all the defects on the surface. If they are located at eye or waist level, they are not allowed at all.

In case of minor scratches, air bubbles or punctures in the lower part of the surface (lower than the knee level) the door may pass the control if the defects are not noticeable at the distance of 50 cm and less.

Such high requirements are imposed on other company products, thus NAYADA is always ready to guarantee high quality of production and assembling its systems.

Photo NAYADA requirements are more strict than those of the all-Union State Standard Photo NAYADA requirements are more strict than those of the all-Union State Standard