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Ultra-modern eco-office: NAYADA's integrated solutions for B2Broker

18 / 02 / 2019

NAYADA's office design project for B2Broker operating in blockchain technology integrated diverse interior solutions highlighting the modern and dynamic focus of the customer. The architects behind the project were Miji Space.

The design emphasized eco-style, with dominating white, the abundance of greenery, moss and natural wood. Glass partitions and doors by NAYADA reinforce the company's innovative focus. For instance, the meeting room is rendered as a glass capsule placed to provide good visibility of the whole office space and offering a view of the Moscow City district. The NAYADA-Crystal full glass partition is manufactured of bended glass, which helped to create rounded shapes.

The NAYADA-Twin glass soundproof partitions were used to zone the office of the executive. NAYADA also provided the executive desk with impressive sloping supports with chrome-plated surface.

The wall in the main working area features arches decorated with moss and hidden lighting around the contour. NAYADA-Lavoro furniture was used to equip the working spaces. A special highlight is the square-shaped meeting room table with stabilized moss in the centre.

For public areas, NAYADA manufactured a snow-white reception desk, locker storage systems, and a kitchen unit and cabinets. Such storage space helped to eliminate the need for individual drawers for each employee.

Artur Aziziv, Founder and CEO of B2Broker : «We wanted an unusual eco-style interior, trendy and comfortable for accommodating big staff and impressive for holding online and offline talks and conferences. The main challenge, I think, was to properly arrange spatial zones, and that was accomplished just perfect. They got the interior right, we like this combination of eco-style (moss, live plants) and hi-tech references (abundance of glass and light). The interior supports our brand colours and looks fresh and innovative. The office is modern, comfortable and vibrant».

Sofia Karnukaeva, Architect: «The task was to design an ultra-fashionable functional office in an innovative eco-style. For this project, we brought together completely different materials pertaining to nature and technology. Moss and transparent partitions, crystal white walls and wooden textures were harmoniously integrated to create a whole environment. Such combination is rarely fund in nature, I mean, pure white and green. Here, this palette represents rapid growth and drive for the future, as our customers are shaping the future, working in one of the most innovative and dynamic business areas».