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In art just like at home: NAYADA partitions and doors in CHE Art-Hotel

15 / 06 / 2016

NAYADA Company took part in a very unusual and bright interior design project for the CHE Art-Hotel, located near the Hermitage Gardens and Pushkin Square in Moscow. The concept and design of the hotel was created by the well-known artist Olga Soldatova, and the result promises a "shocking" fresh reading of Chekhov's works. For the hotel’s guest rooms, NAYADA created glass partitions and doors.

The interior, atmosphere, energy of this historic site and even the level of service permeate the dialogue between two great artists – words and images. All rooms at the Che are different, you will not find two identical ones here, just as you will not find two identical stories written by Chekhov. Only the spirit of creativity – is what greets you in the air of this building, and combines everything into a single concept. If you have a favorite work by Anton Chekhov – the hotel management will recommend the appropriate guest room for you.

You will find many colors in the Che – deep reds, yellows, blues – in the Family and Standart guest rooms. There are also very quiet, almost white rooms– these are usually the small-sized rooms.

To separate the bathroom from the living area, we installed NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions with frosted-glass sliding doors.

Reception areas and elevator lobbies are protected by NAYADA-Fireproof doors, which block the penetration of fire. In the washrooms on each floor, we installed NAYADA laminated doors.

The bathrooms have glass partitions for the showers.

"We have several rooms with names, such as Ward No. 6, The Man in a Case, The Darling, The Cherry Orchard, and Seagull. Not all 22 rooms have names, but all rooms are about Chekhov. And his portraits are found throughout the hotel, his pince-nez on the mat, his books and books about him. Most importantly, the hotel design will never be completed. It will be updated with new books, works of art, some of which will be drawn by our guests, and some things we will add ourselves to the gallery. Thus, today, I personally finished a watercolor portrait of Chekhov, using a writing pen while lying in the red bathtub”, said Olga Soldatova.