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In the Agile mode: NAYADA for the Training, Development and Innovation Center of ROST (Rosbank) in Nizhny Novgorod

12 / 04 / 2018

The new space of Rosbank's ROST in Nizhny Novgorod is designed to become an active center for cooperation and introduction of innovations, solving business problems of any complexity and developing creative thinking. Created inside it is a multifunctional infrastructure for business development and the introduction of modern formats of cooperation and communications in the Agile format.

The distinctive feature of this 648-square meters of space was mobility. Thanks to the NAYADA-SmartWall H7 convertible partitions, the Center's auditoriums are easily transformed to the goals and objectives of any event, thus becoming a platform for organizing coworking and conducting creative sessions, brainstorming sessions, exhibitions, and fairs.

The very name of the project – ROST (in English GROWTH) – symbolizes the continuous movement towards new achievements and contains the Russian abbreviation of the main goals of the center: development, training, improvement, and creativity. Not only flexible spatial solutions and space transformation operate on this idea, but also the geometry of wall decoration, color combinations and accents, carefully thought out lighting, as well as a variety of furniture elements.

This is convenient space for negotiations of any format – from 4 to 30 people, lectures in the traditional format of up to 100 people, receptions, and events for up to 150 people. The NAYADA-SmartWall sliding acoustic partitions with built-in doors are made for a wide variety of uses – NAYADA specialists realized a complex configuration of partition walls in the premises, which allow for creating more than five distinct types of transformation. Interestingly, because of the large dimensions of the details, the work was performed through the facade of the building. 

The finishing of the transformable partitions was developed so that in all the various configurations, these form an elegant geometric pattern. By the way, the special marker panels are built right into the drawing.

The space of the second floor is conditionally divided into two zones – the rectangular hall and the triangular foyer being easily combined into a single huge room or split into subspaces of many sizes, depending on the required format of each event. 

The rectangular hall is designed for conferences, teleconferences, creative sessions, innovative forums, media events, and client events. It can be used as a training or exhibition center. The space for holding the “Talk Show” is organized around a central group of armchairs with pronounced light accents. This space is easily divided into meeting rooms or classrooms.

The hall is equipped with a multimedia complex consisting of two large panels installed on the walls. NAYADA also carried out the work on facing the walls with glossy white NAYADA-Regina panels, and the video panels are decorated with veneer. NAYADA-Stels doors are fully concealed and merge with the glossy walls.

The office of trainers is zoned with NAYADA-Twin glass partitions and NAYADA-Crystal all-glass partitions with open apertures and built-in zones of short tête-à-tête talks. In separate rooms, all-glass partitions are used as marker surfaces.