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Vertical transformation of space: the new NAYADA-Hufcor BiFold rising partition

18 / 09 / 2014

We added another novelty to our assortment of NAYADA-Hufcor sliding partitions. The Hufcor BiFold allows for ergonomic control of both the interior of the premises, and the openness of the entire building or a part of it – thanks to the vertical lift design. In addition, with the help of this new system, access to premises can be arranged through large openings.

This solution is perfect for cafes and restaurants, amusement parks with rides, swimming pools, private homes – terraces, garages and conservatories. The NAYADA Hufcor BiFold significantly simplifies the process of scenery changes, installation of bulky furniture and equipment (which needs to be taken apart and then reassembled, because it does not fit through a standard door opening), while at the same time preserving the integrity and aesthetics of the architectural idea.

The BiFold system, in just a few minutes, can partially or completely remove the external walls of a building, turning it into an open canopy covering a large area. The partitions can be either glazed or solid. If the lower part of the partition is more than 2.5 m from the bottom to the fold line, then it is possible to install a doorway opening. The new partition is fully automatic and does not require the installation of additional guides on the floor. The walls fold in two, forming a canopy top. They are made of heavy-duty glass, are completely safe and protected from break-ins.

For protection from the indoor and outdoor temperature differences, the BiFold system is provided with thermorupture. To prevent heat loss when opening the structure during the cold season (opening of a large aperture) we propose the use of heat curtains – supplying hot air through the opening.