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It’s time for remarkable innovations: NAYADA creates the office for a pharmaceutical company

03 / 08 / 2017

NAYADA contributed to arrange the office of the research & development pharmaceutical company. This colorful and bright office featuring 3000 sq.m area was designed by ABD Architects experts in accordance with the international standards applied by the company.

The office provides for an open working space, offices for executives, special areas dedicated for research & development (so-called “Innovation rooms”) as well as testing laboratories. The basic arrangement solutions serve to motivate teamwork. To achieve this, many meeting points, rooms for informal negotiations and closed areas for team collaboration were created in addition to the open space.

Blocks of main rooms have been zoned with the use of the NAYADA-Crystal all-glass partitions with insertion of snow-white veneered doors. The finishing features white framing which takes special advantage from its contrast with brightly colored elements of the walls. The glasses demonstrate matt decorations and photoprinting.

The company’s brand book contains over 10 corporate colors all of which had been applied to decorate the interior. All colors are quite bright, however they do not interfere work process because the most vibrant colors were used in the meeting rooms and corridors to avoid distracting employees’ attention from their routines. Almost all corridors were made bright or with application of corporate logo in contrast to commonly colorless office traffic zones.

Several solutions including lots of multimedia, complex technical equipment and “smart home” system, were installed in the office. A conference hall and a café show the NAYADA-SmartWall semi-automatic system of transformable partitions.

Six partition sections transform the space with ease into separate offices or one large space. Additionally, magnet and marker applicable finish allows their use in the capacity of a white board.

For this project NAYADA installed various door systems. The NAYADA-Fireproof Eiw-45 fire-resistant structures were mounted at points of entrance and public zones feature the NAYADA-Intero single- and double-leaved doors.