The future belongs to systems integration

"100% office", No. 3, 2004

On the whole, the Russian market of office partitions can be considered to be well developed. Today it is a high- tech business with project rate of return of 20 - 25%. Increase in its economic appeal is related to production and sales growth. To be a success, it is necessary to assure the best quality and a high level of service. It is impossible to achieve that without adequate experience exactly in a given market segment. The leaders show impressive results and many have the feeling that this business is just a piece of cake. That is why partitions are produced not only by specialized companies but also by furniture-makers and even aluminum ware producing plants.

As the competition grows, the requirements to product quality, range and services are becoming increasingly more stringent. However, the market needs not just a beautiful and high-quality product. The demand for integrated solutions covering the premises design, supply and assembly of partitions and even office furniture is constantly growing.

The customer wants one-stop shopping. That is why the market requires professionalism and system integration.