Ecostyle - expensive interiors and NAYADA-Regina partition system

Russia’s Project, No. 2, 2004

The times, when in order to divide an office into various functional zones it was necessary to erect walls are sinking into oblivion. Today, such problems are solved with the help of office partition system, which are in fact similar to the walls – they are fastened to the floor and ceiling, completely cover the space, and ensure a high level of sound-proofing.

Partitions came to the Russian market from the West, and made the modern “technological” style popular. All the systems currently supplied to the Russian market by Russian and foreign companies are a combination of glass and aluminum or steel sections. However, despite their up-to-datedness, efficiency and ergonomics, interiors, 90% of which consist of glass, metal and plastic, cannot give you a feeling of comfort and protection, like interiors made of natural materials. Today, interior designers increasingly turn to ecostyle. This name is rather conventional and has not yet been included in the list of major design trends. The main idea behind it is that the interior should be mainly made of natural materials. Wood with its energy plays a very important role. If you use mostly wood in the interior you are sure to feel the difference!

NAYADA-Regina is a new, and so far unique, system of partitions in the Russian market, which allows for creating expensive exquisite interiors in ecostyle. This new NAYADA solution combines the solidity of a metallic frame with the warmth of natural wood and lightness of glass. The system is exceptional. Its core element is a metallic frame, which can be fastened to the ceiling made of any material on the height of up to 6 m, even through the boarded ceiling. The visible part of the partition is made of the best wood veneer and glass. Please note that any wood veneer supplied to the Russian market by any producer – Russian, German or Italian, can be used. Wood body and wood veneer can be painted any color: from light beech to the fashionable dark wenge. The wood texture gives the designer endless creative opportunities. When choosing the type of wood for partition panels, he may “play” with different veneer directions, combinations of various tree cuts, or enchase the partition panel with tree body.

Stained paints on the glass in combination with pattern matting turns NAYADA-Regina partitions from a purely functional structure to a real decoration of any interior. The fusing technology, which is frequently used in decoration of NAYADA-Regina glass sections. can easily compete with classic stained-glass windows. The essence of this technology is that fused glass is pasted on a ready stained-glass window painted manually. The result is stained-glass window with the elements of volume details.

The glass modules of the NAYADA-Regina system can be equipped with radio-controlled Venetian blinds (both wooden, matching in color the wooden facing, and aluminum). The control panel allows for managing one section or the entire partition zone, including the window blinds and light control in the room. Double glazing and panels with soundproof materials provide a high level of sound protection – up to 40 decibel –in VIP zones, where it is of great importance.

The NAYADA-Regina partition system allows for installing various types of doors, including non-standard size doors. These can be plate glass doors, all-glass doors covered in rich wood body, sliding doors (with the upper overhead system), solid doors covered with wood veneer. Large decorative opportunities provided by the system are not the main advantage of the NAYADA-Regina system.

The main advantage of the system is that it allows for solving the problem of interior decoration in general, including walls, ceiling, furniture, and other elements.

No other company in the Russian market can boast of a similar product. Wooden partitions offered by Scandinavian producers are durable, expensive, and intentionally simple in style. The main materials used in production of such partitions are birch, ash-tree, and maple.

Wooden panels produced by Italians are designed for floor and furniture imitation, but they cannot be used to divide the room into functional zones. Finishing materials used in the NAYADA-Regina partition system make an integrated approach to room decoration easily and exquisitely realizable - from the walls, the floor and the ceiling to expensive Italian furniture.

NAYADA-Regina is an expensive and exquisite product. It is not surprising that the Italians, when they first saw it at the “Furniture” exhibitio,n gave it a standing ovation – even by the Western standards NAYADA-Regina is a high-quality product.

Every office has the so-called representation zones. As a rule, these are the reception area, conference rooms, halls, and the study of the company’s chief. Such areas should create an image of a reliable, dynamic and successful company. The highest requirements are made to the decoration of such rooms. The NAYADA-Regina system is designed specially for such office zones.